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Are you struggling to teach new skills?

Do you ever run out of ideas for new drills?

We at Coerver Drills are always looking for the best way to help people to improve their soccer skills. If you have made it to this page, you are looking to either improve as a player or as a team. Let me tell you that you are in the right place, and that Coerver Drills can help you improve greatly! Coerver Drills is offering the best package for the best set of soccer DVDs available.


Let me start by introducing Coerver Coaching, internationally regarded as the leader in soccer skills training. The staff here at Coerver Drills have been using Coerver videos since our playing days and we have yet to find anything that comes close in either quality or effectiveness. So, if you want your soccer skills to improve dramatically, this package is what we at Coerver Drills recommend.


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The main part of this package is the 3 DVD set titled, Make Your Move. All three discs are full of drills and skills sure to take your players to the next level. Let’s take a peek at what you can expect to find on the first disc…

Disc 1 – Discusses the philosophy of 1v1 moves, and focuses on stops and starts as well as changes in direction. Each move is shown in great detail, and more importantly, each new move builds on the last. So while many of the moves look very complex, after a player has done several simpler variations of it, it becomes very easy to learn.


Changes of Direction: * Inside Cut * Slap Cut * Double Cut * Twist Off * Hook Turn * U Turn * U Turn Step Over * Pull Push Behind * Slap Step On


Stop and Start Moves: * Step On * Double Step On * Pull Push * Step Kick * Half Pull Spin * 180 Spin * Fake Inside Cut * Double Spin 



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Coerver Drills Free Bonuses

As if the content on the discs isn’t enough, Coerver Drills is partnering with Coerver Coaching to offer these amazing free bonuses if you order the Make Your Move Package through Coerver Drills.


Coerver Drills SUPER BONUS #1

Access to the Coerver Coaching Library

You get access to:coerver drills

48 Drills and exercises from the unique



Exercises for ball mastery, passing, receiving, 1 v 1 moves, speed, finishing, and group Play. All drills are from 1-5 minutes long and new content is added all the time. It is a gold mine for any coach! This is a $49.95 value and you get it for free with this package!



Coerver Drills SUPER BONUS #2

A New Era 2 DVD Set
The New Era DVDs give you an excellent core to the Coerver’s exclusive Pyramid of Player Development and provide a great foundation for players. Coerver’s Pyramid includes:

  • Ball Mastery
  • Receiving and Passing
  • 1v1 Moves
  • Speed
  • Finishing
  • Group Attack

A great partner with the Make Your Move Series, and ordinarily a $99.95 value, but yours free with the Make Your Move Package!


Coerver Drills SUPER BONUS #3

A New Era and Play Like a Soccer Legend Ebooks
coerver drills bonus books Each of these books provides very beneficial detail on the exercises and drills Coerver Coaching recommends. The diagrams and text in these books are often helpful for coaches as it is often easier to see how to set up drills in this format than in the videos. If you were to purchase these books each would sell for $19.95 and both are included for free with this package.



A Full 90 Day 100% Risk Free Guarantee

We at Coerver Drills are so sure that the Make Your Move program will work for you, we offer the PlayGreatSoccer 100% risk-free guarantee for a full 90 days! More than 1,000,000 players are satisfied Coerver Coaching customers worldwide. They have worked for decades on their reputation and customer satisfaction is always job #1.



Don’t Miss This Risk Free Offer!
Take Your Team To The Next Level

  • I want the 3 DVD Make Your Move Set for $119.95 …only $99.95
  • The New Era 2 DVD Set ($99.95 value) … included
  • The New Era digital workbook ($19.95 value) … included
  • The Play Like a Soccer Legend ebook ($19.95 value) … included
  • Instant Online Library Pass ($49.95 value) … included

We at Coerver Drills cannot believe that Coerver Coaching can possibly offer all the quality content that they do, for this unbelievable price. We have heard that the price may be increasing again with the new season coming, so be sure to order today to ensure that you get this low price while you still can. This package will take you and your team to the next level!


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